Monday, April 27, 2009

"That Boy Is A Natural!"

This is what I keep hearing on the T-ball field, after Jake lofts one across the field LOL. If they could run more than 1 base, Jake would've had 2 out of 3 home runs today LOL He's so good. Now, if he can get his catching in there, he'd be great (because the boy also has an arm, too!)

Look at that form!

I have to say, Jake was wearing a turtleneck, a hoodie, and his Devil Rays shirt-It was FREEZING outside. Who the heck said it had to be so cold while playing baseball?!?!?!?!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Relaxing with ABCs, watching Cinderella.

This used to be Jake's. Liv insisted we set it up. It comes with the ABCs and 1-10 (you can see the 10 in the bottom corner) I ended up putting it up because I got tired of all the little pcs scattered everywhere, but Liv enjoyed it while it lasted lol

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where's Foofs?!?!?!?!

I was laying on the couch after doing 5 miles on the bike, 2 miles walking (yep, had to throw that in there LOL) when Liv disappeared. I ASSuMEd she was with Jake. So, Jake comes walking out, just as Hank is coming up the stairs, so I tell Jake, go get your sister. He then proceeds to tell me he has no idea where she's at. Hank goes looking for her, then yells for me, laughing, to come quick. This is what they found:
And underneath the comforter....

Liv watching Jake's Video Now Jr. She's all the sudden become into watching videos on it. However, she's a booger about it. She insists on watching The Wiggles, then 2 min in, she wants to watch Blues Clues, then Little Bill, blah blah blah, then drama cries if you tell her no. Lord she's good at that-Its amazing how quickly she can turn it on and off! Anyway, she was watching it in my bed this am (so I could get 20 more minutes in :P ) and somehow, it wound up on the floor, which is where Liv found it. Apparently she figured where she found it was as good as any landing spot LOL.

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Officially Alflafa Season!

I looked out the living room window this am and saw an old familiar site-The farmer across the way turned on his sprinklers. It's official, people-Spring has Sprung! The funny thing is, even though it's heated up slightly during the day, it's still bone chilling cold at night. Before the sun comes up over the rim, outside is not somewhere you'd choose to willingly be w/o proper protection. So, first thing in the morning, the water freezes on the field and makes a pretty cool picture.

And just to show how awesome my camera is, here's a zoomed shot of it =) lol

Thursday-Viking Jake

Hank just got back from Vegas. He was staying at the Excalibur and brought Jake back this Viking helmet. Jake is officially in love...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Price of Beauty

I think I may be certifiable, posting this on my blog, but what the heck, right? I decided to use my pore reducer mask (it really works!!!) tonight. Liv and I had taken a shower after our walk. Liv always gets out after me, so she's standing in the shower, waiting for me. I turned around with my mask on. I swear, that kid almost fell over, laughing, saying, "Mommy, why you so silly??" She cracked up for 5 minutes straight. It was so stinking funny. Now, rewind to when she was about 4 or 5 mths old, and I did this mask, she didn't think it was so funny. As a matter of fact, she screamed and screamed. I had to go take it off before she would stop. that's what she gets for waking up from her nap early, I guess :p

The green in the mask highlights my eyes, don't you think???

Tuesday April 21st-Brother For Sale!

I thought this shirt was pretty funny...It says "Brother 4 Sale-No Offer Too Low" LOL Someday she'll appreciate the shirt more...

April 20th-Part 6-Then and Now

Jake & Olivia, November 2006

Jake & Olivia, April 2009

Sunday April 19th - Part 5-Yee Hawwww

Jake, 2003 (I think he was around 11 mths here)

Olivia, 2007 (6mths)

Saturday April 18th Part 4-Snow Bunnies

Jake, 2003-About 8 or 9 mths

Olivia, January 2009, 2 yrs

Friday April 17th - Part 3- Potty Training Part 1

Jake, 2005 (first try-He ended up not p/t until 11 mths later LOL)

Olivia, January 2009 (she still refuses to p/t-What is it with my kids?)

Thursday April 16, Part 2-Say Cheese!

Jake, 2004-2 yrs old

Olivia, July 2007 - 9 mths

Wednesday April 15-Blast from the Past Part 1

Since I've slacked on taking pictures for the past week, I'm going to create a post for each day I missed-Each day will have a fav pic of both kids.

Bringing Home Baby...

Jake, May 31st, 2002

Olivia, October 28th, 2006

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday-Stupid Snow, Cars, Cars, More Cars, and a Sweet Face...

So, it spent all day snowing off and on. Thankfully most of it didn't stick, though, at one point, it tried (see below) I am READY for Spring! Bring it on, Baby! They say it's going to be in the 70s by Friday. Go figure!

I went to go check on Jake tonight-He was passed out, however, he'd laid a quilt on the ground that my mother had made him, and was using it as a racetrack. Can you tell which ones are real cars, and which ones are part of the print?!?!?! LOL

And man oh man, does this boy ever have a sweet face when he's sleeping. If you only knew the chaos he's been creating the past week...But alas, he's my sweet, sleeping Prince, with eyelashes many girls strive to have. Sleep tight, Bird!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Magic Ingridents

What's this, you ask? Well APPARENTLY these are the ingridents you need to get skunk smell off a dog - WHO KNEW??

And THIS is the guilty party-I'd been letting her go out to pee by herself w/o putting her on a leash because she'd been so good about going and coming back (we have a specific space on the side of the house in the front where she goes potty). I went to call for her, and she came running, ducking her head, then the smell hit me-ACK!! It's an awful smell, especially when it first happens. I didn't know what else to do, so I put her in the garage and woke up Hank LOL. I then went to the internet to get the magic ingridents. SO, at 1100 last night, I was washing the dog. Life is good, isn't it??? I'm posting this on Monday because I didn't crawl into bed until after midnight.

Jo Jo refused to even look at me. She listened to me grumble under my breath for 20 minutes about how angry I was LOL. Also, special bonus-The garage stinks to high heaven. Guess who's bedroom is above the garage???

Sunday-Happy Easter!

Here are the babes Easter egg hunting. Jake shot out like a bat out of hell, getting as many as he could. Liv was happy with what she got, but a couple of times he had to be told to slow down and let poor Liv get some lol.

Smiling with their loot =)I feel bad-I totally spaced on buying Liv some dress shoes, so she had to wear her new summer sandels with her dress. Oh well...

Me and my babies!

Saturday-Meet Ms Bunny and Mr Peep

Ok, so I took some pictures of the kids on Saturday. I initially was just taking a picture of them holding a sign that said "Happy Birthday Nana" (Jake was making Nana a birthday card) but they were being so agreeable (who am I kidding? I was bribing them with a sucker-As any good parent would! LOL) that I just kept taking pics. I got some good individual ones of the kids as well. I need to get them out via email. Anyway, here they are....

Ms Bunny and Mr Peep, Circa 2009

And a visit from Easters Past, 2007

Maybe I'll torture them every year with the headband/glasses-What do you think?!?!?!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday-Stupid Deer... (Oh and Happy 100th Day of Blogging 365!)

Apparently they like to eat my pansies...The white stuff you see is the shredded soap I put in AFTER the fact...Thankfully that seems to be detering them, but I think I need to shred another bar and get it out there since it's been raining here off and on. The Dove smell is leaving LOL
And apparently Friday (I would say today, but since I'm posting this on Saturday...) was the 100th day of blogging 365-WOO HOO! It's been alot of fun so far!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I think I'm Crazy...

No, scratch that, I KNOW I am! So, if you guys remember, I posted awhile ago that I was going to do a 5K run that they hold here in town in May. I found out that they're not doing it, but doing a walk/bike/walk thing. Walk 2 miles, bike 10, walk 2. I am going to sign up for it. I am super crazy, I've deducted. I know I can do all those things separately, but all on the same day? ACK, not so sure...I guess we shall see, huh??

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nighty Night, Foofs!

I went to put Liv to bed last night. She was stalling and kept saying "Mommy, puppy? Mommy, penguin? Mommy, bear?" until every last stuffed animal was in bed with her lol. She still takes a binkie at night, and she's clutching her favorite blanket, which she kneads in the middle of the night. It's very cute to watch. Jake used to do the binkie sweep and keep 3 binkies with him, and Liv has her blanket lol

Tuesday-Day 2-NO FROWNIES!!!

No pictures, just a proud moment in my house! Back story-His teacher forgot to give him his prize on Monday. Jake was alittle panicky, so I told him not to worry, that I would email her. So, when I emailed her, I asked if she could give him 2 prizes as an incentive, since he didn't get any frownies. I bought 2 bags of those glass stone thingys (you like my technical terms??) They are the kind that you put in clear glass bowls and then put dried flowers in-they're for decorative purposes, but Jake loves them. He's currently collecting them so that he can put them in a fish tank. He's determined to get a fish for his birthday. I bought 2 different shapes, so he's picking different colors, etc.
So, I see him walking down the hallway with this satisfied grin on his face. When he reached me, I said, "So, how'd it go?" He slowly opened up his hand-he had 4 stones!!!! I just looked at him and he said proudly, "NO FROWNIES TODAY!!" I am so proud of him! It is so hard for him to concentrate and sit still in class, so this is huge!
I have to say, I truly don't expect him to be frownie-less today. Today is CCD, and for some reason, he has it in his head that he HATES it. So, he almost always acts up worse on Wednesdays. I guess we shall see!

Monday, April 6, 2009

All Smileys Today-First Time!

Jake gets his behavior monitored at school, so his teacher basically gives him a smiley if he pays attention, keeps his hands to himself, isn't disruptive, etc. She has it broken up into each section of the day. If he's any of those things, he gets a warning. After that, he gets a frownie. 2 frownies in a row, and he has to leave the class room and go into another class, which he HATES and has only had to do once. He also gets a prize at the end of the day (that I provided to give extra incentive) if he only gets 1 frownie or less. We've averaged 2 frownies a day, though most days are 1 or 2, there are the occasional bad days. Today was the FIRST day he got ALL SMILEYS! I think its because I told him last night that we'd go to dinner to either DQ or Mickey Ds (his choice-he chose DQ because of the ice cream LOL) on his first all smiley day. I told him his new goal is 3 days in a row no frownies-He's not liking that LOL He'd said in the past that it's too hard to be good all day, and that it's much easier to be bad. Hank and I had to explain to him that being good is WAY easier than being bad. SO, today, after he told me he got all smileys, he said "Mom, you were RIGHT! It IS much easier to be good than bad!" lol Let's see how long it lasts :p

Sunday-I Wanna Come, Too!!

I went to take the dog out, and Liv was wearing a dress with tights, no shoes. I told her she had to stay in the house. I went to look at my flowers (that the deer are eating *grr*) and I turned around and Liv was wearing Jake's Cars rainboots to come outside (they were next to the door) She couldn't hardly walk in them, but I thought it as so cute lol.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Liv Singing ABCs (video)

I just thought this was cute...I can't even understand what she says at the very end, but she seems to know LOL

To watch, make sure you pause the music on the side-Just hit the middle button =)

Seriously, What's WRONG with my Children??

What is the big thing about picking their noses??? She was talking on her play phone and I decided I'd take a picture, then she started picking her nose. I figured heck, if I have a pic of Jake picking his nose on here, I might as well add her-He can't be the loner picker, I suppose...This just goes to prove it's not just boys (though, I'm pretty sure Liv picked it up from him LOL)

Friday-Jake B, Student of the Week!

Jake got to be student of the week this week! The funny thing is, he was supposed to be Student of the Week weeks ago, but due to illness, he never got a chance. The week he was supposed to be, he was out for 3 day w/a bad cough-went to school for 2 days, that Friday he was dx with pneumonia. Missed the whole following week because of it, then the next week was Spring Break. Finally, SUCCESS!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday-First Day Of T-Ball!

So Tball season is among us again! In true Central Oregon Spring fashion, it rained, hailed, and the wind was blowing so much it forced Liv and I to watch from the car (with the heat on LOL) Poor Jake is about 1/2 head taller than everyone else. Boy, he can sure hit! My goodness that boy has a swing on him! Now, if we can just get everything else going, we'd be great (ie, keeping him in his own spot instead of running after EVERY ball, even when not in his territory, then fighting the little kids for it lol) He'll be an amazing ball player when he gets older if he keeps it up!

Wednesday - The Super Duper Pooper Stance

Ok, so Olivia REFUSES to potty train. She pooped on the potty for about a week, then decided no way, this sucks-no amount of candy corn or M & Ms is worth this crap (pardon the pun). We all know when Liv is pooping, though. She gets on her tippy toes and runs into a corner. Her favorite, as of late, is either between the wall and the hutch or under the breakfast bar, leaning on the rubbermaid drawers (as shown above) What's even funnier, is that the hutch is across from this spot, so she'll typically run, on her tippy toes, from one corner to the other, until she has some success LOL. It's actually a humorous process to watch.

Tuesday March 30th-Curly Sue

Her hair is getting so long! Stinking curls are starting to pull out alittle. I'm terrified to cut her hair for fear they'll leave all together!!