Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday-Lizard Lovin Babies!

(video-make sure you turn the music is turned off before you hit play)

I caught a lizard today that the kids found (yet another one lol) Liv wanted to hold it this time. I had to get a video. If you listen, you can hear Hank encouraging Liv to step on the lizard, not because he's mean, but because he's afraid of it (I DID sneak in the house with it and put it on his neck-I am surprised I didn't have to call 911 because he had a heartattack LOL)

Friday-Guess Who Found the Sugar Dish?

Hank left the sugar dish on the counter. I didn't notice that it was there, but Olivia sure did...

Thursday-The Stand Off Take 1 (Potty Training) Video/Pictures

Liv kept taking off her diaper. I told her the next time she did, I wouldn't put another diaper on her until she either peed or pooped on the potty. She proceeded to give me a smirk and ripped both sides of her diaper off, thus the fight began...So off and on for almost 2 hrs, we went round and round until I finally told her to just stay there until she did something lol. So, all the sudden it's quiet. I go in and see the following:

The Video (make sure you pause the music on the side to hear what's going on)

Thursday-Kiddos Enjoying the Sprinklers!

We took too long to get the sprinklers going. When we did, we realized the pipe for one of the back sprinklers has a hole. So, we need to get it fixed. For now, it's manual-YUCK! So, the kids were enjoying the sprinklers (all Liv wanted to do was bring the wheel barrel closer so she could fill it up with water lol)

Wednesday-Frst day of K, Last Day of 1st Grade

I swear, he's like a head taller in less than 2 yrs!!! He looks like he's standing on his tippy toes in the 1st grade pic, but he was turning his foot because he wanted to go to sit down.