Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"The Birds are Back in Town (the birds are back in toooown)"

I forgot how comforting it is to look outside and see all the birds getting food out of the feeder. We haven't had birdfood in the feeder for awhile. I filled it on Sunday and they're coming in droves (including the big ol mean blue jays) You can't tell but we had light snow all day (that amounted to nothing lol) Is it Spring yet???

Monday-Drama At Bathtime

Ok, again, no pictures, because really, I'm all about pictures but I'm not putting naked ones of my kids on the net. Besides, I didn't have time LOL

So, I put Liv in the tub and made Jake take a shower in my bathroom-my mistake. Normally we do this, it goes off without a hitch (well, except me going in 100x to tell Jake he's all done, and then the 101th time where I turn the water off or on cold, depending on my mood) Well, not so last night. Liv showered with me a couple of times last week, so the tub was not in use. We live in the High Desert (aka dirtville) so sediments always sit in the pipes if they aren't turned on all the time. I'm trying to hurry beacause it's late, so I put Liv in, turn the water on and immediately start washing her hair. I see the sediments so I stopped and waited. Liv saw them and started FREAKING OUT. She thought they were bugs. I'm telling her over and over "It's just dirt! It's just dirt!" Finally she calms down, I wash her hair, go to put conditioner in, starts screaming again "I HAVE TO POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP" and freaks out (she pooped in the tub and wouldn't go in for WEEKS without throwing a huge fit) so, I got her out and put her on the potty, she's crying because she's wet and cold, then what do my ears hear? Jake screaming *sigh* so I go running into the other bathroom, leaving Liv dripping all over the place on the toilet. Jake has shampop in his eyes. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I checked, you're only supposed to use a little, not 1/2 the bottle (hmm, could be part of the problem, you think??) So, I'm helping Jake clean out his hair, all the while Liv's on the toilet yelling, "Mommy, I just farted-No Pooooooooooooooooooooooop!" I'm yelling at her to stay there, Jake's crying because he wants a wash cloth for his eyes, I'm getting water all over myself, AHHHHHHHH Calgon, take me away!
So, I'm sure most of you can get a visual on what I went thru and don't really need pictures. Finally got everyone washed, dried, and put away. I need a drink...
(and btw, Jake's shower ended in cold water this time-THAT was how my mood was LOL)