Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm part of a bargain board, and a month or two ago, everyone was going crazy over this new search site called Swagbucks. It's powered by Google, and you can earn random points (I earned 3 just by searching on Babycenter) daily. You don't get points for every search, but I typically get points every 10 searches or so, though most of the time, it's in the first 3-5 searches. I've never hit the big time (20 points lol) but I've earned enough to get $30 in Amazon gift cards, just by going thru Swagbucks (for every 45 points you get, you can cash in for $5 Amazon gift card)
I'm hoping to get $20 more so I can get Jake Mario Kart and the wheel to go with it for his birthday, so if anyone wants to join, here's my link-just copy and paste it into your web browser =)

Of course, it's even better if you can get your friends to sign up-Everytime your friend wins, so do you (up to 100 points)
So, come join-It's fun! I LOVE getting points. Especially since I'm always on the net for work-It works out well for me =)
BTW-It's free, and they don't send you any spam crap (at least, to my knowledge-I haven't recved anything)

Saturday-Hair Cut Day!

Jake got a haircut today-I love his hair short. His eyes just pop out (in a good way lol). He didn't want to stop and take care of it, but the kid has horrible cowlicks in his hair, and it either has to be long, or really short. There's no in between unless LOTS of hair product is involved, so I gave him a choice-Either get a haircut and not have to worry about your hair every am, or, don't get a haircut, then we'll have to wash your hair every am, and style it, because that cowlick WILL NOT be tamed by regular "wet the hair and walk out of the house" methods. It requires rewashing and alot of maintenance. Guess you all know what he chose...

Friday-Wild Hair

This is what Liv looked like when she woke up from her nap (ok, so this pic and the previous post was from today, Sunday-Some days they give me several postable pics in 1 day, others not so much lol) She can get some crazy hair going. I love the curls. I'm going to cry when they leave...

Thursday-Everything I learned, I learned from my Brother...

Need I say more????

Wednesday-Sick Sick Sick

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of sickness, I could SCREAM. Sunday, Liv started screaming about her ears and mouth hurting, getting a fever off and on. I called and made her an appt for Tuesday, when I saw that the fever just wouldn't go away. Woke up Tuesday am fever free, so I cancelled, thinking it was just some weird virus. Tuesday night, fever came back. Wednesday, gone, but then THursday, she got a horrible cough, and started complaining about her ears again. I went to the drs on Friday-Come to find out I had a sinus AND ear infection. Fun stuff, I tell ya. Jake had a cough/runny nose last week. Now, Hank is "dying" of a cold. Summer, I'm ready for you!!

Tuesday-Little Devil Disguised As An Angel

Don't let the beautifully serene face fool you. Though she looks like an Angel, I assure you, she is not. The terrible 2s have hit our house full throttle. She cries at the drop of a hat, but yet, magically the tears dissolve if you give her exactly what she wants. I call them "drama cries" and don't give in to them. She doesn't like that her powers don't work on me very well. Occasionally, I let one slip, but mostly, I'm on to her :p
And yes, she still has her binky. There are 3 things this kid refuses to give up from babyhood: The binky, the crib, and diapers.