Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm part of a bargain board, and a month or two ago, everyone was going crazy over this new search site called Swagbucks. It's powered by Google, and you can earn random points (I earned 3 just by searching on Babycenter) daily. You don't get points for every search, but I typically get points every 10 searches or so, though most of the time, it's in the first 3-5 searches. I've never hit the big time (20 points lol) but I've earned enough to get $30 in Amazon gift cards, just by going thru Swagbucks (for every 45 points you get, you can cash in for $5 Amazon gift card)
I'm hoping to get $20 more so I can get Jake Mario Kart and the wheel to go with it for his birthday, so if anyone wants to join, here's my link-just copy and paste it into your web browser =)

Of course, it's even better if you can get your friends to sign up-Everytime your friend wins, so do you (up to 100 points)
So, come join-It's fun! I LOVE getting points. Especially since I'm always on the net for work-It works out well for me =)
BTW-It's free, and they don't send you any spam crap (at least, to my knowledge-I haven't recved anything)

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The Other Lisa K said...

I'm so addicted to Mario Kart..when you get it, we can play each other online lol..wait until you see the Rainbow Road track omg