Friday, February 13, 2009

Socks, Socks, and More Socks (with some undies thrown in for good measure)

You're currently staring at 2 weeks worth of socks, underwear (Jake's, just so you know-I don't wear superhero undies LOL) and Jake's undershirts, AKA wife beaters (he wears them under his shirts in the winter for an added layer of warmth-the kid's a rail-he needs all the help he can get!) I absolutely hate matching socks. The only reason I took care of them is because we were all running out and I got tired of digging thru the basket to match them up daily. I shouldn't say that I just hate matching socks. I hate laundry. I hate dragging it down 2 flights of stairs, sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away...No matter how quick you take care of it, there's always a load lurking around the corners, always stuff to be washed-blankets, towels, sheets, blech, it never ends, does it?!?!?!

Thursday- Starting so early...

Yeah, I know, I missed Wednesday but it was a crazy day.

So, we were on our way home from school yesterday and Jake was acting slightly off. I asked him if his stick was moved @ school and he said no (they each have a stick that gets moved if they aren't acting good at school), so I decided to check because he's been known to lie (what 6 yr old doesn't??) SO, as I go reaching for his bag, he says "Mom, I wrote a bad word today but I didn't mean to. It started with an S" So, I open his homework folder to see this:
And because my son is smart, he took the note off that the teacher stapled to the picture and threw it in the garbage before he left school. Now, if he were REALLY smart, he would've just thrown the whole thing away and NOT told me that he ripped the note off LOL. That's what I would've done when I was in school (and did lots-Sorry Mom!) but I digress...

But the real question is: Why is the Star Wars guy saying shit?