Thursday, February 26, 2009

This Is What I Mean When I Say Jo Will Take Just About Anything...

We'd just made it into the house after picking Jake up (Liv hadn't even taken her jacket off!) when Liv decided to "decorate" Jo Jo with Legos. Poor Jo Jo...She just sits there and takes it..


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When Dogs Attack...

Let me start off by saying, Jo Jo is a pretty mellow dog by trade. She takes so much from both kids (Liv especially-Livvie's taken to pulling her tail since Jo Jo got her hair cut because it's soft lol) I'm pretty sure if you clocked the amount of hours Jo lays around and just sleeps, it's be in the 2os lol. That being said, she's easily wound up. We try and get her moving once a day at least. She likes to get wound up and run laps in the house. If she gets really crazy, we can get her to steal Jake's socks right off his feet, which is quite amusing. Jake used to get pissed when Jo did it, chasing her and yelling. Now he finds it amusing.

Jo Jo going after her prize...

Give me that sock, NOW you little turd, or I'll bite your toes off!

Ahh, my sweet prize-A stinky Jake sock. Life is good...

Tuesday-Frost on the grass...

I took the dog out the other day (Yes, I'm cheating again!) and saw the frost. Decided to lay down on the front porch and take this picture...If you click on it to make it bigger, and look at that single blade of green grass, you can see a dew drop on it-Pretty cool!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday-The Impossible Picture To Snap-Attitude

Seriously, out of all the pictures I've ever tried to capture, attitude is the hardest. I swear to you, both of my children had it in for me from the moment they were picked up. I think Liv was hatching a plan when I picked her up from the sitters (maybe her screaming "BOOOOOOOOOOOK MAMMMMMMMA" over and over meant something else??) And once Jake got in the car, I swear their eyes met, and that was the end of it. If one wasn't giving attitude, the other was. It was so bad, it forced me to the gym to do 5 miles on the eliptical. Oh, don't be so proud of my accomplishments-I've eaten 3, yes 3, bags of coconut hershey's kisses in the past week, no lie. They are the devil, I am convinced *sigh* (the kisses, not the kids LOL) So, I think it's going to take more than 5 miles on the eliptical to get rid of all the extra fat I've poured into my body in the past week.
Here's hoping for a better day today!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday-Different Ways to Wear a Onesies, by Jake Bulloss

So, out of all the onesies Liv has, Hank managed to find the one that doesn't fit. So, instead of searching out one that does, he shoved her into the one that didn't fit (but didn't snap it lol) SO, when I got off the treadmill, I fixed the situation. Hank asked what I should do with it, and I said to just toss it. Well, a couple minutes later, Jake's giggling as he's trying on Liv's old onesies...

Let's see...You can wear it as a half shirt (hello 1985)

You can wear it as a mask (Jake said he was some character from Star Wars, but I can not remember which one he said lol)

Or, you can wear it as shorts...

Saturday-The Forgotten Valentine's Present Post

So, for Valentine's Day, Jake and I made these: They're heart birdseed biscuits. The instructions call for using a cookie cutter to make the shape, but I was at the Dollar Tree and bought heart shaped cupcake holders-worked out great! If you want to make these yourself, here's the link:

If that doesn't work, go to (Family Fun magazine) and search for birdseed biscuit-They were a hit!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday "It's A Sunshine Day..."

It was nice and warm yesterday (a balmy 53 degrees!) so we took it outside!

Here's Liv-She's not sure if she should shovel or use it as a golf club. She was doing both. She was also using the wiffle ball as a golf ball. I guess that almost ensures that she doesn't miss it!

Jake and I were playing with these cone ball catchers-You press the button and the ball flies out. When I went to get the camera, he started practicing so he could kick my butt =)

A freshly shaven Jo Jo, enjoying the heat =)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday-GO JAKE GO!!!

Jake had his diebels done the other day-He got 112 words per minute (by the end of May they should be between 40-60 words!) He's doing so great in school-I'm so proud of you, Bird!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

100th Day of School!!!

Jake decided he wanted to bring 100 stickers to class, so he was counting them out in bunches of 10 this am =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So This Is What You Get...

When you put a 2 yr old in her crib for time out ...
Apparently I did not realize she had a crayon in her hand. The only blank spot is where her pillow was. *sigh* The 2's were NOT like this with Jake. This is how they get you! Your first child is docile and sweet, goes with the flow, makes you think, "Hey, this mothering thing isn't so bad!" Then, you decide to have another, they come, and they are a whole different bird all together. Lord have mercy on my soul...

Monday-No School=Crazy House! (Video & Pic)

So, it was too cold to go outside, and Mondays are like hell days for me @ work, so needless to say, Jake spent alot of time playing the Wii, and I entertained Liv while I worked. By the end of the day, the kiddos were C.R.A.Z.Y!!! Here's a pic-Can you see the madness in their faces?

Here's a video I took-Jake had no idea I was videoing...Crazy, crazy kids...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday-The Littlest CopyCat

This was taken the other day-I was laying on the couch with my heatbag across my chest because I was cold. When I got up to make dinner, I turned around and Liv was laying just how I was, with the heatbag on her. Of course, the heatbag covers most of her body LOL I just thought it was funny-She even had her feet crossed like I did LOL

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Color Coordinator...

I'm pretty sure Livvie has some OCD in her. She must've got that from either her father or her Auntie Heather, because she surely didn't get it from me LOL. Everytime I turn around, she's organizing her letters by color and making sure the animals match up. And notice, she put all the blue letters on the drawer. She always does that when I'm in there cooking, which hinders my process because that's where the silverware are. She also color coordinates her blocks, and matches up all her little people animals. Weirdo lol

I can't resist, though-Here's a pic I took of her yesterday. My little lovebug =)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Socks, Socks, and More Socks (with some undies thrown in for good measure)

You're currently staring at 2 weeks worth of socks, underwear (Jake's, just so you know-I don't wear superhero undies LOL) and Jake's undershirts, AKA wife beaters (he wears them under his shirts in the winter for an added layer of warmth-the kid's a rail-he needs all the help he can get!) I absolutely hate matching socks. The only reason I took care of them is because we were all running out and I got tired of digging thru the basket to match them up daily. I shouldn't say that I just hate matching socks. I hate laundry. I hate dragging it down 2 flights of stairs, sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away...No matter how quick you take care of it, there's always a load lurking around the corners, always stuff to be washed-blankets, towels, sheets, blech, it never ends, does it?!?!?!

Thursday- Starting so early...

Yeah, I know, I missed Wednesday but it was a crazy day.

So, we were on our way home from school yesterday and Jake was acting slightly off. I asked him if his stick was moved @ school and he said no (they each have a stick that gets moved if they aren't acting good at school), so I decided to check because he's been known to lie (what 6 yr old doesn't??) SO, as I go reaching for his bag, he says "Mom, I wrote a bad word today but I didn't mean to. It started with an S" So, I open his homework folder to see this:
And because my son is smart, he took the note off that the teacher stapled to the picture and threw it in the garbage before he left school. Now, if he were REALLY smart, he would've just thrown the whole thing away and NOT told me that he ripped the note off LOL. That's what I would've done when I was in school (and did lots-Sorry Mom!) but I digress...

But the real question is: Why is the Star Wars guy saying shit?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"The Birds are Back in Town (the birds are back in toooown)"

I forgot how comforting it is to look outside and see all the birds getting food out of the feeder. We haven't had birdfood in the feeder for awhile. I filled it on Sunday and they're coming in droves (including the big ol mean blue jays) You can't tell but we had light snow all day (that amounted to nothing lol) Is it Spring yet???

Monday-Drama At Bathtime

Ok, again, no pictures, because really, I'm all about pictures but I'm not putting naked ones of my kids on the net. Besides, I didn't have time LOL

So, I put Liv in the tub and made Jake take a shower in my bathroom-my mistake. Normally we do this, it goes off without a hitch (well, except me going in 100x to tell Jake he's all done, and then the 101th time where I turn the water off or on cold, depending on my mood) Well, not so last night. Liv showered with me a couple of times last week, so the tub was not in use. We live in the High Desert (aka dirtville) so sediments always sit in the pipes if they aren't turned on all the time. I'm trying to hurry beacause it's late, so I put Liv in, turn the water on and immediately start washing her hair. I see the sediments so I stopped and waited. Liv saw them and started FREAKING OUT. She thought they were bugs. I'm telling her over and over "It's just dirt! It's just dirt!" Finally she calms down, I wash her hair, go to put conditioner in, starts screaming again "I HAVE TO POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP" and freaks out (she pooped in the tub and wouldn't go in for WEEKS without throwing a huge fit) so, I got her out and put her on the potty, she's crying because she's wet and cold, then what do my ears hear? Jake screaming *sigh* so I go running into the other bathroom, leaving Liv dripping all over the place on the toilet. Jake has shampop in his eyes. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I checked, you're only supposed to use a little, not 1/2 the bottle (hmm, could be part of the problem, you think??) So, I'm helping Jake clean out his hair, all the while Liv's on the toilet yelling, "Mommy, I just farted-No Pooooooooooooooooooooooop!" I'm yelling at her to stay there, Jake's crying because he wants a wash cloth for his eyes, I'm getting water all over myself, AHHHHHHHH Calgon, take me away!
So, I'm sure most of you can get a visual on what I went thru and don't really need pictures. Finally got everyone washed, dried, and put away. I need a drink...
(and btw, Jake's shower ended in cold water this time-THAT was how my mood was LOL)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Secret Valentine's Day Presents in the works...

I took pictures but *shhh* I can't post them because the people receiving them read my blog :p

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Building Fort Knox, Bulloss Style

The completion of Fort Bulloss

The kiddos eating lunchAnd this is what I get when I ask for silly faces =)

The day started out rainy and overcast. Jake wanted to build a fort downstairs but convinced him I could build a bigger, better one upstairs. So, we built a cool fort. Halfway thru, the sun came out, which was GREAT! The kids decided lunch in the fort was a good idea. After Liv went down for a nap, I decided to go clean out my car (which is a death trap with all the loose crap in there) It was so beautiful out (probably about 50, but felt like 75 LOL) that I started trimming bushes here, cleaning up there. I even convinced the Wii Master to come out and help alittle. We removed sticks and all kinds of fun stuff together. I was bitten by the Spring Fever bug, but alas, we have snow in the forecast for Mon/Tue *sigh* What's the saying? Patience, Grasshopper....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday-Two Crazy Kids....

Jake got a crystal from his therapist today, and he thinks it's the coolest thing. He wants to collect them, just in case he gets a fish-then he'll grace the tank with them (at least, that's what he wants to do with them today-who knows what tomorrow will bring lol)

Crazy girl, wearing crazy pants (thanks to a great find from her babysitter!) She insisted on wearing her "I love horses" shirt with them-oh, and the infamous pink boots!
She's going to be my fashionista =)

Wearing Foof's hat and glasses. I don't quite think pink is his color, do you?

Liv's copying Jake, Jake's laughing at Liv, copying him...LOL...

Thursday-Trains in the house Take 2

Jake used these tracks, now Livvie. I set her up some tracks and she kept busy for a better part of an hour!

Wednesday-Why The Sad Face?

This is what you get when you don't give a 2 yr old what you want-Drama face...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Day At The Park...

Jake at the top of the "pirate ship"

Liv watching Jake on the tire swing

Jake ran and jumped on the swing =)

They both actually looked at the same time!!

I cheated again! These are from yesterday. It's been beautiful here the last couple of days, I couldn't resist a trip to the park. I had to pry Liv off the slide. She and Jake were on the "pirate ship" (aka the climbing structure lol)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Who Would've Thought... (Funny Video-pause the music before you hit play)

That my little fire cracker would be afraid of bugs??? LOL This is a new thing. Not sure where it came from, but anything she finds on the floor that moves, that she thinks can possibly be a bug, she's freaking out about it. If you hear her say "OH NO!" with a perplexed look on her face, you can bet she's found something that resembles a bug. She freaked out the other day because she thought a piece of lint was a bug! So, tonight there was a spider crawling around on the floor. She wouldn't go near it. She even wanted the dog to eat it LOL If you listen close, you can hear her say at the end that the bug is scaring her LOL

You'll be happy to know the spider met it's demise and is currently forever sleeping in our garbage can (where she instructed me to put it several times after she couldn't convince the dog to eat it LOL)

A Brag About My Baby!

I got an email from Jake's teacher today. Apparently my boy set a great example for the new kid in class today (while the other boys showed what NOT to do lol) I am so proud of Jake for not going with the flow and actually doing the right thing (he tends to go with whoever is being the craziest lol) Good Job, Baby!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday-A View From A Window...

Boy I'm going to miss this when our house sells...

Saturday-Send Good Growing Thoughts To My Poor Lil Plant

Ok, before you think I'm completely crazy (or rather, even more crazy than I already am) let me give you a little back story on this plant. When I had Jake, my mother in law (Thanks Mom!) gave me a basket with 6 plants in it. I lovingly put all the plants into their own separate pots and nurtured them till they all died, 1 by 1-EXCEPT THIS ONE! (this one even managed to make the trip across country!)

So, I had it in one of those planters that you pour the water in the bottom, and the string supposedly brings the water to the plant. Well, it was working for a long time, then, just in the past couple of weeks, I've noticed my poor plant dying (and before you ask, YES, I was watering it!!). You can't really tell by this picture below, but it's all dry and breaking off (and out of the little stock holes) Here it is before I cleaned her up:

and this is my poor plant now, after giving her new soil, a trim, and watering her from the top. Isn't she pathetic?

So, going strictly on sentimental value, I need good growing thoughts/prayers. I was practically in tears trimming the plant up =( I hate being sentimental over stupid things LOL