Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday - A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

So, we went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. We had a pretty decent time. Love going to the DD Ranch! There's so many things for the kiddos to do =)

We went on a hayride. Before we went out into the field, they put hay in the tractor so the kids can feed the cows out in the pasture. Here are the kiddos feeding the cows.

Here are the kids before we went out. Jake cooperated, but Liv didn't, as you can see LOL

Here's Jake, hiding in the hay fort in the maze =)

Brett, getting ready to buck Jake off the "bull"

Liv going down the big slide into the hay. She thought that was pretty cool.

Here's Liv, Josey, and Jake when we first got the the pumpkin patch =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

You're Never Too Old...

To make bubble faces in the bathtub! You'd never know that 2 days before, this boy had a temp of 104.9!!! Stinkin' flu!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Miss Fashionista

Liv loves dresses, tights, and boots. She actually helped me pick this outfit on. She insisted on wearing the brown boots. I wasn't too sure in the beginning, but it actually works lol

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh The Things They Inherit...*sigh*

Of all the things I wanted Jake to inherit from me, the drooling was not one of those things. Poor kid's been drooling off and on since he was 3mths old. I had to take this picture for prosperity. Bribery, of course. Not that I don't have plenty of those pictures LOL

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday-Liv's First Haircut

Ok, so it was more like a trim! I was way too chicken to get too much done. I want to preserve those beautiful curls for as long as possible!!

Monday-Mr Miyagi's New Apprentice

Jake started karate thru the parks n rec dept. He LOVES it and when it's his turn, he's pretty good. In the 2nd pic, they were doing a tug o war move. He beat 2 kids before he was finally out. I think he would've done better had the belt been wrapped better. Anyway, he loves it =) For those of you youngins who don't know who Mr Miyagi is, google The Karate Kid :p

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday-Cute Feet =)

nuff said...

Saturday-Carnival Royale

So, Saturday I took Josey and Liv to the carnival in town. When we got there, Josey and I realized it really wasn't that great, however, Liv was THRILLED (Jake was with my Mother) When we pulled up, Liv exclaimed, "It's my PARTY!" LOL I bought Liv a couple of tickets so she could ride some of the rides. She LOVED the dragon. Kept telling Josey she was having alot of fun (Josey rode it with her) Funny enough, Liv was insistent that we ride on one of the adult rides. Seriously, it was a ride *I* didn't even want to go on. There was no way in God's Green Earth I was putting her on it (besides the fact that she was too small anyway) for you Northern Californians, think a semi-lame version of the Edge ride LOL No way man, no way....

Friday-Where Stickers Wind Up on Jake

This was actually from a couple of weeks ago...We went to Albertsons. When we were checking out, the cashier gave him a sticker. We got to the car, and I loaded it up. I turned around to make sure he was all buckled up and saw him with the sticker on his head. I found it amusing so I took a pic with my cell phone LOL

Thursday-Exercising Jake strikes again!

I was doing the 30 day shred DVD on Thursday night. Jake decided he'd join me. Well, I had my hand weights and he wanted some. Instead of waiting for me to get him some canned goods (which, knowing Jake, probably wouldn't have been a good idea anyway lol) he went into his room and get his baseball step stool to use as weights. I found it highly amusing. he gave up after awhile, stating the DVD was too hard. Yep, no kidding buddy-Why do you think I'm sweating my butt off?? (or actually, attempting to sweat my butt off)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Liv "Singing" (and I use the term loosely)

Liv, singing in the tub...SOOOOOOOOOOO funny. I love the way she laughes at herself and the high pitch noise she calls singing LMAO


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Happy, the Snail

Meet Happy, the world's ugliest snail. Seriously, he's totally hideous, however, he does a fantastic job at cleaning the tank. Jake named him Happy because he's yellow LOL I find him disturbing, especially when I have the light on in the tank (which is on my desk) and catch him at work. Henry, the betta, loves to attempt to fight Happy, however, Happy, it appears, likes to live up to his name-he never fights back. He usually just goes into his shell and falls to the bottom. He's a lover, not a fighter :p

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday-The New Mary Lou

Liv had her first gymnastics class today. In true Bulloss fashion (or maybe it's Glave? I'm the one w/the pea sized attention span lol) she had some issues, BUT for the most part, she paid attention and had a good time. At the end, they get to climb the climbing wall. She went all the way to the top (with help) and had no problems.

Monday-I Learned 2 Things Today

1) Never offhandedly say to my 2 yr old it's ok to sleep in the bathtub when she asks because she will attempt to and 2) my 7 year old likes to lick his knee caps while he's sitting on the potty trying to poop. Who knew?!?!?!

Yep, so I had to drop my car off @ the dealership today because one of the sliders won't work properly. On the way home, I was telling Liv it was bath night. She wanted to "swim" in the tub. I told her no problems. Then, she started telling Josey she was sooooooo tired and wanted to sleep in the bathtub. So, I turned to her and said "You want to sleep in the tub? You can't-you'll drown" so, then she started saying "But I wanna" SO I said, fine, whatever, thinking she'd forget. Why in the world would I think she'd forget? This kid has the mind of an elephant, I swear it. So, we get home, I'm unloading the car, and I told her to get in the house and get undressed because it was bath time. I get everything unloaded, and come in to check her progress. She was completely naked, had her binkie in her mouth, her blanket, and started dragging her pillow to the bathroom. I was going to stop her, but then decided I wanted to see how it'd go down. So, I waited then checked her progress. Here's the video I took:

Friday - Chillin Before School

I was working Friday morning and it was quiet...I decided to turn around in my chair, and this is what I saw, so I had to snap a pic. They were chillin, watching Diego. Thank you DVR, because Liv wants to watch Diego ALL THE TIME. Thankfully Jake, though he complains initially, settles down and gets into it as well.

Thursday-Grandparents Day @ Jake's School

Every year, Jake's school has Grandparents Day. They get to come, watch recess, then they have the school version of a Thanksgiving dinner (what? Do they think that's all old people eat or something?!?!? Guess corn dogs may not be a seller for the older set...but I digress...) My parents love it, and so do I. Jake is still looking alot like Dad. The height predictors for Jake say 6ft4-6ft6...The rate he's growing, I can see it!

Wednesday-My Super Speller is at it again!

Another new year has started, and Jake is already acing his spelling tests. He's the bomb!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday-Potty Training Take 1

So yesterday Liv decided she wanted to potty train. I think alot of it had to do with M & Ms. Both my kids are in love with them. They are great bribe tools. Yeah, I know, all the books say don't bribe, blah blah blah, but I'm old school and I'm a single mother. I will do what it takes to not have to change diapers anymore and bribing is part of that, well then, so be it. Of course, here's just a little exerpt from my facebook wall post this am:

"Liv's decided she wants to potty train, which is FANTASTIC, however, she was in the potty and I was teaching Jake to double knot his shoes-I could SEE her. I hear her pee, look up to tell her good job, just in time to see her pull her hand from the potty. She looks at me and said "Mom, I just peed in my hand" ARGH!!!"

So, though she's peeing in the potty, she's also peeing on her hand. Isn't life grand? I'm just thankful the pee is in the potty. How it got there is relative, right?!?!?!?! lol

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday October 5th-Slave Labor at it's Finest

I'm soooooo tired of Liv putting food on the ground. It drives me out of my mind. I know she does it because she's being stubborn but still...So, I've taken to having her clean up her own mess when she makes it. She's not terribly happy about it-That's good! Maybe she'll stop eating like a lunatic.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday-The Cheeky Monkey is going to be a Cheeky Monkey

So, Liv decided she wanted to be a monkey for Halloween. I feel like it's so fitting since she's a cheeky monkey in real life LOL

Friday October 2nd-Diego Saves The Day!

The kids were acting soooo crazy this am-fighting, yelling, etc, then Diego came on...God Bless Diego...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tuesday-The Bears need to sleep, too!

So, I went to go check on Jake Tuesday night, and this is what I found in his room-

He is the funniest kid ever!