Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Price of Beauty

I think I may be certifiable, posting this on my blog, but what the heck, right? I decided to use my pore reducer mask (it really works!!!) tonight. Liv and I had taken a shower after our walk. Liv always gets out after me, so she's standing in the shower, waiting for me. I turned around with my mask on. I swear, that kid almost fell over, laughing, saying, "Mommy, why you so silly??" She cracked up for 5 minutes straight. It was so stinking funny. Now, rewind to when she was about 4 or 5 mths old, and I did this mask, she didn't think it was so funny. As a matter of fact, she screamed and screamed. I had to go take it off before she would stop. that's what she gets for waking up from her nap early, I guess :p

The green in the mask highlights my eyes, don't you think???

Tuesday April 21st-Brother For Sale!

I thought this shirt was pretty funny...It says "Brother 4 Sale-No Offer Too Low" LOL Someday she'll appreciate the shirt more...

April 20th-Part 6-Then and Now

Jake & Olivia, November 2006

Jake & Olivia, April 2009

Sunday April 19th - Part 5-Yee Hawwww

Jake, 2003 (I think he was around 11 mths here)

Olivia, 2007 (6mths)

Saturday April 18th Part 4-Snow Bunnies

Jake, 2003-About 8 or 9 mths

Olivia, January 2009, 2 yrs

Friday April 17th - Part 3- Potty Training Part 1

Jake, 2005 (first try-He ended up not p/t until 11 mths later LOL)

Olivia, January 2009 (she still refuses to p/t-What is it with my kids?)

Thursday April 16, Part 2-Say Cheese!

Jake, 2004-2 yrs old

Olivia, July 2007 - 9 mths

Wednesday April 15-Blast from the Past Part 1

Since I've slacked on taking pictures for the past week, I'm going to create a post for each day I missed-Each day will have a fav pic of both kids.

Bringing Home Baby...

Jake, May 31st, 2002

Olivia, October 28th, 2006