Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday-Splish Splash

We've actually had RAIN here off and on for the past week. It was finally decent so the kids wanted to go out and play. I couldn't keep them out of this puddle so I told them to take their pants off and go to town. It was bath night anyway so it worked out well :p

Monday-The Cage = My Savior

So, yep, I cage my child. Hurry, call CPS-I can give you the number if you'd like LOL. I have to work from home, and Liv's been sooooooooooo unruly lately, not listening to me, running downstairs, terrorizing the dog, etc, that I brought out the superyard. I give her the choice to stay in the living room and be good, or go into the "cage" She calls it the crate, which is even funnier, because that's what we do with the dog when she's bad lol