Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Liv's 3 Year Well Check...

My cheeky Monkey is growing leaps and bounds!! She's currently 35lbs and 41 inches long! She was weighed and measured 4mths ago. She's grown 3lbs and 3 inches in 4 months!!! She's now 90% for her weight, and 97% for her height. If the height predictors are right, she'll be about 5ft 11 by the time she's 18 (not that I'm surprised! lol)

Monday, November 23rd-You Might As Well JUMP!

Josey wanted me to take a picture of her jumping, so of course, the other kids wanted to get in on it. I thought they turned out so funny!

I love this one of Jake-I totally cracks me up!!!

Sunday, November 22nd-Christmas Comes Early at the Bulloss House...

I took the kid's Christmas pics on Sunday so I could take advantage of a Costco coupon I had. I think they turned out great! And, in true Jake and Olivia fashion, we got some good outtakes...

Aww, smiling so nice!

So sweet....

I'm gonna poke your eye out, Jake! You'd better watch yourself!

Don't kiss me! I'm gonna give you an upper cut to the chops!

Love you!!!

Saturday November 21st-Organizing Her M & Ms...

By color, of course! Hank, if you're reading this, who does it remind you of??? (think skittles...) And yes, she has a messy face. She just got done eating lunch =)

Friday, November 20th-Liv Gets Her Nails Painted for the 1st Time!

and what color did I use? Hooker red...I already lost my MOTY award back in January, so why not?? lol She was estatic! She couldn't get over how pretty her nails and toes looked.

Monday, November 16th-The Cowboys and Indians Were At War Apparently...

on my kitchen counter. Jake apparently decided it would be a good idea to set them up. I came around the corner and started cracking up. This is pretty typical of Jake LOL

Wednesday, Nov 11th-The Girl Loves Her Bink & Her Blankie

Seriously, she loves them both. It's actually become worse since I told her once this binkie was gone, no more would come. She advised me that I could just go to the store and get another one. She's seen them in packages, you know. Yep, Senorita Smarty Pants. That's my girl *sigh* I have to admit, as much as I am ready for the binkie to be gone, it's her last baby thing that she does, and when it's gone, it will be bittersweet =(