Monday, May 11, 2009

Princess Foofarella

Again, Mother's Day, but I'm using the pic today :-) She's sooooo good about getting her hair done. She just sits there while I french braid it :-)

Sunday-Happy Mother's Day!

I enjoyed the day with my babies! We went to my mother's. Karla, her best friend, was in town. The kids played, we sat around, snacking and talking. It was a pretty decent day, but slightly windy. Fun day!

Saturday-Look Out Tiger Woods...

Here comes Jake Bulloss!!! My mother let's Jake use her old golf clubs when he's over. I swear, that boy played for HOURS on Mother's day (yes, again, I'm using pics from one day for another lol)
Getting the ball on the Tee
Linin' er upHe shoots, he scores! (oh wait, wrong sport lol)