Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday-When Leaf Blowers Attack!

I got the leaf blower out today so I could clean up the backyard alittle. We're getting ready to put the house back on the market. The kids found the leaf blower amusing (Jake more than Liv, go figure)

I like this one-Staring down the barrel of a loaded leaf blower LOL

Wednesday-Sunbathing Beauty

I swear Jo Jo may leave a dent in the grass-That's her favorite spot to lay!

Tuesday-Sickness in the Sun

Despite her fever, she insisted on going outside to play (in her jammies, of course!) She was trying to be a baseball player. I took her to the drs and was told virus. I had to take Jake back on Wednesday for a lung check (to see if his pneumonia was leaving) and insisted they check her again. Come to find out she had the Flu! Poor kid. She's good on motrin, but look out when she's not (not that I blame her!)