Saturday, April 4, 2009

Liv Singing ABCs (video)

I just thought this was cute...I can't even understand what she says at the very end, but she seems to know LOL

To watch, make sure you pause the music on the side-Just hit the middle button =)

Seriously, What's WRONG with my Children??

What is the big thing about picking their noses??? She was talking on her play phone and I decided I'd take a picture, then she started picking her nose. I figured heck, if I have a pic of Jake picking his nose on here, I might as well add her-He can't be the loner picker, I suppose...This just goes to prove it's not just boys (though, I'm pretty sure Liv picked it up from him LOL)

Friday-Jake B, Student of the Week!

Jake got to be student of the week this week! The funny thing is, he was supposed to be Student of the Week weeks ago, but due to illness, he never got a chance. The week he was supposed to be, he was out for 3 day w/a bad cough-went to school for 2 days, that Friday he was dx with pneumonia. Missed the whole following week because of it, then the next week was Spring Break. Finally, SUCCESS!