Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jake the Didj Master

Jake, chilling on the couch, playing his Didj. He's thrilled that I finally loaded the program on my computer so he could play Jet Pack Heros. He got to create a bunch of didjis today, too (Avatars). He hasn't put it down since! The cool thing about this is, I can load his spelling words for the week, math problems, things like that, so when he's playing, he's learning what he actually NEEDS to learn in school. I love Leapster =)
I have to add, because I just noticed it in the pictures, I CAN NOT stand that his socks are too big. You say, get a smaller size? Yep, can't do that. They are TOO SMALL! No matter what brand I buy-It kills me! SO, I guess I, I mean, HE will just suffer till his feet grow alittle more (even though the kid is already wearing a size 3!!)

Friday's Post - Jo Jo The Guardian...

Of Murray from the Wiggles, at least. I went to move it and she looked at me like, "Hey! I was sleeping with that!" LOL