Monday, February 2, 2009

Who Would've Thought... (Funny Video-pause the music before you hit play)

That my little fire cracker would be afraid of bugs??? LOL This is a new thing. Not sure where it came from, but anything she finds on the floor that moves, that she thinks can possibly be a bug, she's freaking out about it. If you hear her say "OH NO!" with a perplexed look on her face, you can bet she's found something that resembles a bug. She freaked out the other day because she thought a piece of lint was a bug! So, tonight there was a spider crawling around on the floor. She wouldn't go near it. She even wanted the dog to eat it LOL If you listen close, you can hear her say at the end that the bug is scaring her LOL

You'll be happy to know the spider met it's demise and is currently forever sleeping in our garbage can (where she instructed me to put it several times after she couldn't convince the dog to eat it LOL)

A Brag About My Baby!

I got an email from Jake's teacher today. Apparently my boy set a great example for the new kid in class today (while the other boys showed what NOT to do lol) I am so proud of Jake for not going with the flow and actually doing the right thing (he tends to go with whoever is being the craziest lol) Good Job, Baby!!!