Sunday, January 11, 2009

When a Plastic Golf Club Becomes a Weapon of Mass Bubble Destruction...(Sunday)

Hank got out the bubble machine for Foofs today. She decided to take the golf club to them. Poor bubbles didn't stand a chance!

Guess Who Roller Skated?!?!?!? (Saturday)

Livvie!!! Jake's been a couple of times, but Liv hasn't yet. Well, Jake had a birthday party to go to yesterday so I decided to try Liv in some skates, just to see how she did. Disclaimer: They do tighten the wheels so they can't go ass over tea kettle, but still-She did GREAT! Refused to let me hold her hand. Everytime she fell, she'd just look at me and say "Mommy, I need help" lol. Jake did really well, too (His wheels were tightened as well lol) Because we're a small town, we don't actually have a roller rink. They convert one of the Elementary school gyms into a roller rink on the weekends. The kids have a blast =)