Sunday, January 11, 2009

Guess Who Roller Skated?!?!?!? (Saturday)

Livvie!!! Jake's been a couple of times, but Liv hasn't yet. Well, Jake had a birthday party to go to yesterday so I decided to try Liv in some skates, just to see how she did. Disclaimer: They do tighten the wheels so they can't go ass over tea kettle, but still-She did GREAT! Refused to let me hold her hand. Everytime she fell, she'd just look at me and say "Mommy, I need help" lol. Jake did really well, too (His wheels were tightened as well lol) Because we're a small town, we don't actually have a roller rink. They convert one of the Elementary school gyms into a roller rink on the weekends. The kids have a blast =)

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Paula said...

Isn't it amazing how easily they pick up on things like that when they are young? Bailey was skating around on her own her first attempt also. But poor Bradley still cannot go it alone. Did you try it also? I was too afraid I would fall on Bailey.