Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday-First Day Of T-Ball!

So Tball season is among us again! In true Central Oregon Spring fashion, it rained, hailed, and the wind was blowing so much it forced Liv and I to watch from the car (with the heat on LOL) Poor Jake is about 1/2 head taller than everyone else. Boy, he can sure hit! My goodness that boy has a swing on him! Now, if we can just get everything else going, we'd be great (ie, keeping him in his own spot instead of running after EVERY ball, even when not in his territory, then fighting the little kids for it lol) He'll be an amazing ball player when he gets older if he keeps it up!

Wednesday - The Super Duper Pooper Stance

Ok, so Olivia REFUSES to potty train. She pooped on the potty for about a week, then decided no way, this sucks-no amount of candy corn or M & Ms is worth this crap (pardon the pun). We all know when Liv is pooping, though. She gets on her tippy toes and runs into a corner. Her favorite, as of late, is either between the wall and the hutch or under the breakfast bar, leaning on the rubbermaid drawers (as shown above) What's even funnier, is that the hutch is across from this spot, so she'll typically run, on her tippy toes, from one corner to the other, until she has some success LOL. It's actually a humorous process to watch.

Tuesday March 30th-Curly Sue

Her hair is getting so long! Stinking curls are starting to pull out alittle. I'm terrified to cut her hair for fear they'll leave all together!!