Friday, April 3, 2009

Wednesday - The Super Duper Pooper Stance

Ok, so Olivia REFUSES to potty train. She pooped on the potty for about a week, then decided no way, this sucks-no amount of candy corn or M & Ms is worth this crap (pardon the pun). We all know when Liv is pooping, though. She gets on her tippy toes and runs into a corner. Her favorite, as of late, is either between the wall and the hutch or under the breakfast bar, leaning on the rubbermaid drawers (as shown above) What's even funnier, is that the hutch is across from this spot, so she'll typically run, on her tippy toes, from one corner to the other, until she has some success LOL. It's actually a humorous process to watch.

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Melinda said...

She's gonna be very unhappy with you for putting that picture on here !!!