Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday-Me and the Kiddos

Since I'm normally behind the camera, I decided to be IN the camera this time :p Jake took the one of me and Liv-And then the one of him and I, well, let's just say that's a reoccuring face with him in regards to pictures *sigh*

Monday-Happy Memorial Day! Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!


Sunday-The Tooth...The TOOTH...

This tooth is driving me absolutely BONKERS. Ever since the first top tooth came out, this tooth moved over and is hanging out in the middle. String around the tooth and around the door handle, anyone?!?!?!?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday-Lizard Lovin Babies!

(video-make sure you turn the music is turned off before you hit play)

I caught a lizard today that the kids found (yet another one lol) Liv wanted to hold it this time. I had to get a video. If you listen, you can hear Hank encouraging Liv to step on the lizard, not because he's mean, but because he's afraid of it (I DID sneak in the house with it and put it on his neck-I am surprised I didn't have to call 911 because he had a heartattack LOL)

Friday-Guess Who Found the Sugar Dish?

Hank left the sugar dish on the counter. I didn't notice that it was there, but Olivia sure did...

Thursday-The Stand Off Take 1 (Potty Training) Video/Pictures

Liv kept taking off her diaper. I told her the next time she did, I wouldn't put another diaper on her until she either peed or pooped on the potty. She proceeded to give me a smirk and ripped both sides of her diaper off, thus the fight began...So off and on for almost 2 hrs, we went round and round until I finally told her to just stay there until she did something lol. So, all the sudden it's quiet. I go in and see the following:

The Video (make sure you pause the music on the side to hear what's going on)

Thursday-Kiddos Enjoying the Sprinklers!

We took too long to get the sprinklers going. When we did, we realized the pipe for one of the back sprinklers has a hole. So, we need to get it fixed. For now, it's manual-YUCK! So, the kids were enjoying the sprinklers (all Liv wanted to do was bring the wheel barrel closer so she could fill it up with water lol)

Wednesday-Frst day of K, Last Day of 1st Grade

I swear, he's like a head taller in less than 2 yrs!!! He looks like he's standing on his tippy toes in the 1st grade pic, but he was turning his foot because he wanted to go to sit down.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is what you get...

When you get mad at your mom and turn to a friend and say "Yeah, my mom is a b*t*h like that" You get to write sentences...This is way more effective than any other form of punishment. Writing sentences is absolutely torturous for Jake...

And for the record, all I was doing was having him stand in front of the school sign to take his picture *sigh* I have no idea where it came from, but I have a feeling that when that thought rises in his brain again, he'll keep it in there instead of blurting it out loud. Ahhh the glory of 1st grade. They learn SO much... I normally have him write it nice and if he get messy I erase it and make him start over, but I didn't have the energy today lol

Monday-Sportsmanship Award!

Jake won April's Virtue award for Sportsmanship from school! You go Jake!! Great Job baby!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday-Gymnast Foofs

Ok, these were from last Saturday. Liv went to a birthday party for one of her friends. It was the first time we'd made it to the Redmond Gymastics Academy. Liv loved it!

Saturday-Testing The Sprinklers Out...

The sprinklers came on, and Jake decided to test them out - It was about 88 today!! About time!

Friday-And Another Tooth Gone!

Of course, he actually got it head butted out by Liv, but that's another story all together lol It was on it's way out anyway :p
Observe he wrote a letter to the tooth fairy =) I can't believe he spelled please wrong lol

Thursday-Organizing the DVDs

Liv decided she'd organize the DVDs and VHS's (yep, still have a VHS player :p) Of course, what I didn't take a pic of was the mess afterwards. She got them all stacked up, then karate chopped them all over the living room *sigh*

Monday, May 11, 2009

Princess Foofarella

Again, Mother's Day, but I'm using the pic today :-) She's sooooo good about getting her hair done. She just sits there while I french braid it :-)

Sunday-Happy Mother's Day!

I enjoyed the day with my babies! We went to my mother's. Karla, her best friend, was in town. The kids played, we sat around, snacking and talking. It was a pretty decent day, but slightly windy. Fun day!

Saturday-Look Out Tiger Woods...

Here comes Jake Bulloss!!! My mother let's Jake use her old golf clubs when he's over. I swear, that boy played for HOURS on Mother's day (yes, again, I'm using pics from one day for another lol)
Getting the ball on the Tee
Linin' er upHe shoots, he scores! (oh wait, wrong sport lol)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere Lizards!

So, I caught a lizard today (I still have some left in me, in my old age LOL) I had to freak Hank out with it first before I took pics. He screamed like a girl-Mission accomplished :p

So it took Jake forever, but he finally touched it. Everytime the kids would attempt to touch him (or her) it'd move and they jumped 50 ft.

Of course, Liv had to try and give it a kiss LOL She needed no encouragement. She's been watching alot of Fairy Tales lately. Who knows? Maybe it'll turn into some great prince or something!


Thursday-Mommy's Helper

We were making hot dog crescent roll up thingys. I didn't have the tiny hot dogs ,so we just cut hot dogs in half, put some shredded cheese in the crescent rolls and popped them in the oven!

Wednesday-Jo Jo Dressed to the 9's

At least, according to Liv...She said "Jo Jo look pretty with necklace on!" Who could argue with that?!?!?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday-Splish Splash

We've actually had RAIN here off and on for the past week. It was finally decent so the kids wanted to go out and play. I couldn't keep them out of this puddle so I told them to take their pants off and go to town. It was bath night anyway so it worked out well :p

Monday-The Cage = My Savior

So, yep, I cage my child. Hurry, call CPS-I can give you the number if you'd like LOL. I have to work from home, and Liv's been sooooooooooo unruly lately, not listening to me, running downstairs, terrorizing the dog, etc, that I brought out the superyard. I give her the choice to stay in the living room and be good, or go into the "cage" She calls it the crate, which is even funnier, because that's what we do with the dog when she's bad lol

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm part of a bargain board, and a month or two ago, everyone was going crazy over this new search site called Swagbucks. It's powered by Google, and you can earn random points (I earned 3 just by searching on Babycenter) daily. You don't get points for every search, but I typically get points every 10 searches or so, though most of the time, it's in the first 3-5 searches. I've never hit the big time (20 points lol) but I've earned enough to get $30 in Amazon gift cards, just by going thru Swagbucks (for every 45 points you get, you can cash in for $5 Amazon gift card)
I'm hoping to get $20 more so I can get Jake Mario Kart and the wheel to go with it for his birthday, so if anyone wants to join, here's my link-just copy and paste it into your web browser =)

Of course, it's even better if you can get your friends to sign up-Everytime your friend wins, so do you (up to 100 points)
So, come join-It's fun! I LOVE getting points. Especially since I'm always on the net for work-It works out well for me =)
BTW-It's free, and they don't send you any spam crap (at least, to my knowledge-I haven't recved anything)

Saturday-Hair Cut Day!

Jake got a haircut today-I love his hair short. His eyes just pop out (in a good way lol). He didn't want to stop and take care of it, but the kid has horrible cowlicks in his hair, and it either has to be long, or really short. There's no in between unless LOTS of hair product is involved, so I gave him a choice-Either get a haircut and not have to worry about your hair every am, or, don't get a haircut, then we'll have to wash your hair every am, and style it, because that cowlick WILL NOT be tamed by regular "wet the hair and walk out of the house" methods. It requires rewashing and alot of maintenance. Guess you all know what he chose...

Friday-Wild Hair

This is what Liv looked like when she woke up from her nap (ok, so this pic and the previous post was from today, Sunday-Some days they give me several postable pics in 1 day, others not so much lol) She can get some crazy hair going. I love the curls. I'm going to cry when they leave...

Thursday-Everything I learned, I learned from my Brother...

Need I say more????

Wednesday-Sick Sick Sick

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of sickness, I could SCREAM. Sunday, Liv started screaming about her ears and mouth hurting, getting a fever off and on. I called and made her an appt for Tuesday, when I saw that the fever just wouldn't go away. Woke up Tuesday am fever free, so I cancelled, thinking it was just some weird virus. Tuesday night, fever came back. Wednesday, gone, but then THursday, she got a horrible cough, and started complaining about her ears again. I went to the drs on Friday-Come to find out I had a sinus AND ear infection. Fun stuff, I tell ya. Jake had a cough/runny nose last week. Now, Hank is "dying" of a cold. Summer, I'm ready for you!!

Tuesday-Little Devil Disguised As An Angel

Don't let the beautifully serene face fool you. Though she looks like an Angel, I assure you, she is not. The terrible 2s have hit our house full throttle. She cries at the drop of a hat, but yet, magically the tears dissolve if you give her exactly what she wants. I call them "drama cries" and don't give in to them. She doesn't like that her powers don't work on me very well. Occasionally, I let one slip, but mostly, I'm on to her :p
And yes, she still has her binky. There are 3 things this kid refuses to give up from babyhood: The binky, the crib, and diapers.