Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wednesday-Sick Sick Sick

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of sickness, I could SCREAM. Sunday, Liv started screaming about her ears and mouth hurting, getting a fever off and on. I called and made her an appt for Tuesday, when I saw that the fever just wouldn't go away. Woke up Tuesday am fever free, so I cancelled, thinking it was just some weird virus. Tuesday night, fever came back. Wednesday, gone, but then THursday, she got a horrible cough, and started complaining about her ears again. I went to the drs on Friday-Come to find out I had a sinus AND ear infection. Fun stuff, I tell ya. Jake had a cough/runny nose last week. Now, Hank is "dying" of a cold. Summer, I'm ready for you!!

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