Monday, March 9, 2009

I Was Forced To, I Swear it!!

I have to say, I'm not one to give in to hype and for the most part, I ignore it (hence my 1990's jeans I'm still wearing LOL) My friend Jennifer gave me this book on Friday and said "Melanie, I'm forcing you to read this. I WILL CALL YOU and check to make sure!" SO, begrudgingly, I started reading it on Sunday (trying to avoid watching the crappy snowy roads, and attempting to ignore NASCAR radio that was playing in the background LMAO) I have to admit, I'm enjoying it *sigh*

Sunday-The Fun Drive Home

How do you spell fun? S.N.O.W.

This is what we looked at for part of the way home...Fun stuff I tell ya...

Saturday-My Beautiful Grandma

Ok, I'm cheating again because I took these pics on Sunday before we left LOL This is my 86 yr old Grandma. I'm blessed to be able to see her a couple of times a year. The kids adore her, and she them. She is a wonderful woman who I am EXTREMELY blessed to have in my life - LOVE YOU GRANDMA!

Friday - Random Pic of Liv

Still at Grandmas LOL...I've taken Liv to a new sitters twice so far. Both times when I've picked her up, the sitter says "Boy, she really can eat" LOL I think she may start charging me extra for her ;-)

Thursday - Visiting The Fossil Beds

Ok, I'm cheating-we really did this on Wednesday on our way to Grandmas, but I totally forgot to take a picture each day, so like Jake says "You get what you get, and you don't pitch a fit" (wish he'd heed his own words!!)

The kids coloring. Jake was thrilled to see that his coloring from the last time we went thru in October was STILL there!

View outside the visitor's center. The clouds rolling over the hills on a rainy day...

Jake took the map picture and the picture of the cardboard ranger. I just found them amusing LOL

Wednesday-Over the River and Thru the Woods...

to Grandmother's house we go! Well, my Grandma, the kid's Great Grandma! Here they are, chillin in the car. They're pretty good travelers, though they're learning the art of bickering, as any sibling set in a car for 6 hours will do!

Olivia watching the Wiggles on Jake's old Video Now Jr. I think it's about ready to take a dive, which is so sad!

Jake, coloring with the color wonders (there's no way we'd allow real markers in the car. That's just asking for it LOL)