Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monday-Liv's New Favorite Spot...

The time out spot...She spends alot of time there some days. And she's smiling to boot! I call her my Cheeky Monkey. She's very "cheeky". Notice her Dora jammies. She calls them her Dora pretties lol

Sunday-Clean Day

No pictures...Just lots of cleaning! I'm trying to get the house ready to put back on the market, so I've been feverishly trying to get things done. I'm trying to take care of the rooms the kids don't really destroy (ie my room and bathroom lol) My goal is to put the house back on the market by Monday! Then I can get back into working out. Damn Easter coconut hershey's kisses will be the death of my thighs *sigh*

Saturday - Sick Day Part 2

My Poor baby...Good thing we took him to the drs on Friday. He spent most of Saturday and Sunday with a fever. When the meds kicked in, he was great, when they wore off, this is what he looked like. Poor little guy.