Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jake the Didj Master

Jake, chilling on the couch, playing his Didj. He's thrilled that I finally loaded the program on my computer so he could play Jet Pack Heros. He got to create a bunch of didjis today, too (Avatars). He hasn't put it down since! The cool thing about this is, I can load his spelling words for the week, math problems, things like that, so when he's playing, he's learning what he actually NEEDS to learn in school. I love Leapster =)
I have to add, because I just noticed it in the pictures, I CAN NOT stand that his socks are too big. You say, get a smaller size? Yep, can't do that. They are TOO SMALL! No matter what brand I buy-It kills me! SO, I guess I, I mean, HE will just suffer till his feet grow alittle more (even though the kid is already wearing a size 3!!)

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Robyn said...

Ollie's socks are the same way. For the longest time, he was still wearing toddler-sized socks because his feet are so narrow. I finally bought him the bigger size and they're so baggy and gross. I can't imagine how awful it feels to have all that material bunched up in his shoe. Teddy is now wearing all of the socks that Ollie used to wear. Pretty sad that I can take socks right out of Ollie's drawer and they fit Teddy!