Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday-Carnival Royale

So, Saturday I took Josey and Liv to the carnival in town. When we got there, Josey and I realized it really wasn't that great, however, Liv was THRILLED (Jake was with my Mother) When we pulled up, Liv exclaimed, "It's my PARTY!" LOL I bought Liv a couple of tickets so she could ride some of the rides. She LOVED the dragon. Kept telling Josey she was having alot of fun (Josey rode it with her) Funny enough, Liv was insistent that we ride on one of the adult rides. Seriously, it was a ride *I* didn't even want to go on. There was no way in God's Green Earth I was putting her on it (besides the fact that she was too small anyway) for you Northern Californians, think a semi-lame version of the Edge ride LOL No way man, no way....

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