Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday-I Learned 2 Things Today

1) Never offhandedly say to my 2 yr old it's ok to sleep in the bathtub when she asks because she will attempt to and 2) my 7 year old likes to lick his knee caps while he's sitting on the potty trying to poop. Who knew?!?!?!

Yep, so I had to drop my car off @ the dealership today because one of the sliders won't work properly. On the way home, I was telling Liv it was bath night. She wanted to "swim" in the tub. I told her no problems. Then, she started telling Josey she was sooooooo tired and wanted to sleep in the bathtub. So, I turned to her and said "You want to sleep in the tub? You can't-you'll drown" so, then she started saying "But I wanna" SO I said, fine, whatever, thinking she'd forget. Why in the world would I think she'd forget? This kid has the mind of an elephant, I swear it. So, we get home, I'm unloading the car, and I told her to get in the house and get undressed because it was bath time. I get everything unloaded, and come in to check her progress. She was completely naked, had her binkie in her mouth, her blanket, and started dragging her pillow to the bathroom. I was going to stop her, but then decided I wanted to see how it'd go down. So, I waited then checked her progress. Here's the video I took:

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