Friday, February 13, 2009

Socks, Socks, and More Socks (with some undies thrown in for good measure)

You're currently staring at 2 weeks worth of socks, underwear (Jake's, just so you know-I don't wear superhero undies LOL) and Jake's undershirts, AKA wife beaters (he wears them under his shirts in the winter for an added layer of warmth-the kid's a rail-he needs all the help he can get!) I absolutely hate matching socks. The only reason I took care of them is because we were all running out and I got tired of digging thru the basket to match them up daily. I shouldn't say that I just hate matching socks. I hate laundry. I hate dragging it down 2 flights of stairs, sorting, washing, drying, folding, putting away...No matter how quick you take care of it, there's always a load lurking around the corners, always stuff to be washed-blankets, towels, sheets, blech, it never ends, does it?!?!?!

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