Saturday, February 7, 2009

Building Fort Knox, Bulloss Style

The completion of Fort Bulloss

The kiddos eating lunchAnd this is what I get when I ask for silly faces =)

The day started out rainy and overcast. Jake wanted to build a fort downstairs but convinced him I could build a bigger, better one upstairs. So, we built a cool fort. Halfway thru, the sun came out, which was GREAT! The kids decided lunch in the fort was a good idea. After Liv went down for a nap, I decided to go clean out my car (which is a death trap with all the loose crap in there) It was so beautiful out (probably about 50, but felt like 75 LOL) that I started trimming bushes here, cleaning up there. I even convinced the Wii Master to come out and help alittle. We removed sticks and all kinds of fun stuff together. I was bitten by the Spring Fever bug, but alas, we have snow in the forecast for Mon/Tue *sigh* What's the saying? Patience, Grasshopper....

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