Monday, April 6, 2009

All Smileys Today-First Time!

Jake gets his behavior monitored at school, so his teacher basically gives him a smiley if he pays attention, keeps his hands to himself, isn't disruptive, etc. She has it broken up into each section of the day. If he's any of those things, he gets a warning. After that, he gets a frownie. 2 frownies in a row, and he has to leave the class room and go into another class, which he HATES and has only had to do once. He also gets a prize at the end of the day (that I provided to give extra incentive) if he only gets 1 frownie or less. We've averaged 2 frownies a day, though most days are 1 or 2, there are the occasional bad days. Today was the FIRST day he got ALL SMILEYS! I think its because I told him last night that we'd go to dinner to either DQ or Mickey Ds (his choice-he chose DQ because of the ice cream LOL) on his first all smiley day. I told him his new goal is 3 days in a row no frownies-He's not liking that LOL He'd said in the past that it's too hard to be good all day, and that it's much easier to be bad. Hank and I had to explain to him that being good is WAY easier than being bad. SO, today, after he told me he got all smileys, he said "Mom, you were RIGHT! It IS much easier to be good than bad!" lol Let's see how long it lasts :p

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Robyn said...

Great job, Jake!! Keep it up, buddy! (And have some ice cream for me!)