Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday-Day 2-NO FROWNIES!!!

No pictures, just a proud moment in my house! Back story-His teacher forgot to give him his prize on Monday. Jake was alittle panicky, so I told him not to worry, that I would email her. So, when I emailed her, I asked if she could give him 2 prizes as an incentive, since he didn't get any frownies. I bought 2 bags of those glass stone thingys (you like my technical terms??) They are the kind that you put in clear glass bowls and then put dried flowers in-they're for decorative purposes, but Jake loves them. He's currently collecting them so that he can put them in a fish tank. He's determined to get a fish for his birthday. I bought 2 different shapes, so he's picking different colors, etc.
So, I see him walking down the hallway with this satisfied grin on his face. When he reached me, I said, "So, how'd it go?" He slowly opened up his hand-he had 4 stones!!!! I just looked at him and he said proudly, "NO FROWNIES TODAY!!" I am so proud of him! It is so hard for him to concentrate and sit still in class, so this is huge!
I have to say, I truly don't expect him to be frownie-less today. Today is CCD, and for some reason, he has it in his head that he HATES it. So, he almost always acts up worse on Wednesdays. I guess we shall see!

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