Monday, April 13, 2009

The Magic Ingridents

What's this, you ask? Well APPARENTLY these are the ingridents you need to get skunk smell off a dog - WHO KNEW??

And THIS is the guilty party-I'd been letting her go out to pee by herself w/o putting her on a leash because she'd been so good about going and coming back (we have a specific space on the side of the house in the front where she goes potty). I went to call for her, and she came running, ducking her head, then the smell hit me-ACK!! It's an awful smell, especially when it first happens. I didn't know what else to do, so I put her in the garage and woke up Hank LOL. I then went to the internet to get the magic ingridents. SO, at 1100 last night, I was washing the dog. Life is good, isn't it??? I'm posting this on Monday because I didn't crawl into bed until after midnight.

Jo Jo refused to even look at me. She listened to me grumble under my breath for 20 minutes about how angry I was LOL. Also, special bonus-The garage stinks to high heaven. Guess who's bedroom is above the garage???

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Paula said...

LOL!! That is a nasty smell! I'm surprised our dog hasn't had a run in with a skunk yet. She would prefer to roll around in its poop though.