Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday-Happy Easter!

Here are the babes Easter egg hunting. Jake shot out like a bat out of hell, getting as many as he could. Liv was happy with what she got, but a couple of times he had to be told to slow down and let poor Liv get some lol.

Smiling with their loot =)I feel bad-I totally spaced on buying Liv some dress shoes, so she had to wear her new summer sandels with her dress. Oh well...

Me and my babies!


Melinda said...

Mel, for some reason, in those photos I can really see how tall Jake is ! Long long legs !!!

Paula said...

My boys were the same way. This year I let Bailey help me hide the eggs so she would have an advantage over the boys. Liv's dress is adorable and don't worry about the sandels.