Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where's Foofs?!?!?!?!

I was laying on the couch after doing 5 miles on the bike, 2 miles walking (yep, had to throw that in there LOL) when Liv disappeared. I ASSuMEd she was with Jake. So, Jake comes walking out, just as Hank is coming up the stairs, so I tell Jake, go get your sister. He then proceeds to tell me he has no idea where she's at. Hank goes looking for her, then yells for me, laughing, to come quick. This is what they found:
And underneath the comforter....

Liv watching Jake's Video Now Jr. She's all the sudden become into watching videos on it. However, she's a booger about it. She insists on watching The Wiggles, then 2 min in, she wants to watch Blues Clues, then Little Bill, blah blah blah, then drama cries if you tell her no. Lord she's good at that-Its amazing how quickly she can turn it on and off! Anyway, she was watching it in my bed this am (so I could get 20 more minutes in :P ) and somehow, it wound up on the floor, which is where Liv found it. Apparently she figured where she found it was as good as any landing spot LOL.

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