Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meet Pirate Foofs

So, not sure when this all started (and btw, these pics weren't taken today-I surely hope it's not breaking the rules LOL) but she started squinting up one eye when we'd take her picture. Then we started saying "No Pirate Eye!" and she then started going "arghhhhhhhhh" when she squinted as well LOL. This is one pirate I won't make walk the planks =)
And can I say, God love the child who, when you go into their room after their nap, all sweaty and gross from working out in a sports bra and leggings (yep, you may need to scratch your eyeballs to erase that image off your corneas lol) points to your war torn, stretchmarked from whoo ha to whoo hee after giving birth to 2 kids belly and says "Mommy's belly. So pretty" and gives you a hug.
Now THAT'S Love =)


BabiesandBargains said...

That's hilarious!

jayD said...

So funny, Mel- Nikki makes the EXACT same pirate face!

Molly said...

That's hilarious!! Hamish squints both eyes up and basically bears his's honestly a frightening sight. It's impossible to get a good picture.

Kim said...

Allison's a Pirate too and we have to say normal smile not Popeye smile! She giggles and does it even more. I can't win!