Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet My Frien-emy...the Treadmill...

There she stands, in all her glory (watching TV I might add!) Ok, so really, she's not watching TV, but that's what *I* do to keep my ADD self from going insane. I decided to get back on the horse. It's been awhile...She's been staring me down daily for months, and I just put my blinders on as I walk on by, whistling dixie, pretending to not see the glares she gives-And boy, she can give good ones, too. (I think she may partly be mad that I'm hanging clothes off her)
And you heard it here first: I'm going to run a 5k. Yep, I've completely and totally lost my marbles. I've decided to suck it up and do it. Why in God's green earth would I sign up for something I hate to do? Who knows...Maybe I like torturing myself. I said I was going to do it last May, but well, life got in the way of that, so I'm determined to do it again this year. Surprisingly enough, I'm not as out of shape as I thought.
So, I post here and there on my progress, and I expect anyone and everyone to keep me in line because we all know what a slacker I can be. That being said, I've slacked enough...I'm off to finish my work.


Robyn said...

The bra is a nice touch!! :-)

Lisa said...

Well, I am equally insane and plan to do a triathalon this summer. We can be crazy together!