Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some Memorable Facebook Statuses...

From the past couple of weeks. Everyone keeps telling me I need to write all this stuff down since the kiddos are so crazy LOL

December 21st:

*Jake just said to me, "You wanna watch me play the Wii? You know, you have two eyes. You can do 2 things at once with them" LOL

*My son informed me, after I asked him why he didn't listen to me in the store, that he didn't have any ears. Furthermore, he hasn't had any since he was a little baby. Hmmm, interesting...

December 22nd:

*has an age old recipe for c logging the toilet. Just add: 1 full roll of toilet paper, a stack of wet hinney wipes, a closed door, and one 3 yr old-VOILA!

December 24th:

*Liv came in my bedroom to tell me something. I told her to spit it out because she couldn't get out what she wanted to say. All the sudden, she gets a funny look on her face and said, "I got spit, Mom!" and went to spit, lol. I said, "NO NO NO! Don't SPIT! I mean, tell me what you wanted to tell me!" lol

December 28th:

*Was at Brett's parents today. It had snowed last night. Liv has an obsession with eating snow. I was talking to Brett's Mom, when I turned to see what Liv was doing. Yep, she was licking snow off Josey's shoe. SOOOOOO gross. I can't even comprehend. I feel like I'm raising a pack of wild monkeys.

December 29th:

*Liv is currently making her baby jaguar pee in the toilet-complete with sound. Life is grand, isn't it?? lol

December 30th:

* Josey was asking Brett at what age she could swear. Jake said he says the bad "F" word, so I said "And what happens to you when you say that Jake?" (thinking he would say hot sauce or something) Jake said, "I say it in my head all the time so you can't hear me hee hee." Nice....

December 31st:

*Loves the fact that Liv calls Jake "Buddy". He just came out of bed. She lit up like a Christmas tree and said, "Buddy! Buddy! I missed you so!"

*Ok...Totally LOL...Jake and Liv were on the couch and all the sudden Jake screams, "OW LIV! Don't BITE!" When I asked Liv why she bit him, she said, "Because I thought I was hungry, that's why!" LOL

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