Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thursday, October 29th-Pumpkin Carving day in the USA!

I should actually say that *I* had pumpkin carving day in the USA. I cut the tops off, the kids cleaned alittle bit of the guts out, then got bored so I had to finish them. I did not get pictures of Liv, who is now being called "Sharpie" by my parents. After I got done doing ALL the pumpkins, I was aggravated enough to say forget carving out faces, they can just draw on theirs. Yeah, big mistake. I had a serious lapse in judgement...I gave Jake AND Liv sharpies to decorate the front of their pumpkins. Jake made some silly face on his-no problems, right? Well, Ms Liv, not to be outdone, decided the chair, the floor, her stomach, a part of the garbage can, and oh yes, some of the pumpkin, needed to be sharpied...You may ask, "WHere was Melanie when this was going on??" She stupidly had her head turned away from the kids. I was resting for a minute since I was tired from all the carving (ok, yeah, I hear you-LAME, FEEBLE EXCUSE, but I'm using it anyway) Maybe it was more than a minute....hmmm....Either way, I screamed when I turned my head an noticed what was going on. Liv, knowing she was going to get in tr ouble, had the forthought to go under the table to do her dirty work. I have no one to blame but myself...

Jake, poisng all nice while cleaning his pumpkin

Yes, that's Liv, licking it *sigh*

One of Jake's infamous funny faces LOL

And the Cheeky Monkey, pre-sharpie LOL

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