Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday 9-16-Speed Racer Jake

Jake finally learned how to ride a bike! We've never lived in an area where he could learn (hills and rocks stopped us everytime LOL) So, this summer @ his babysitter's house, he learned how to ride in the grass. He think's he's one cool dude now (I think so, too, but shhh...don't tell him! ;-) ) Yes, he's riding w/o a helmet. His helmet strap broke and I need to get him a new one. When we go for a ride, he's restricted to the side of the road or the sidewalk. It works...most of the time...
And for the record: I'm not responsible for his socks being up around his neck. Seriously...I told him to push them down alittle. Sheez man, he looks like a white Urkel. And look at how big his feet are?!?!?! AND the best part? He's starting to have a hard time putting those size 4's on *sigh*

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