Monday, September 21, 2009

Top 5 Reasons I'm So Cute

1) I look great in pink
2) You couldn't resist my pouty face
3) My sweet little voice
4) I can get away with pigtails
5) Duh...Because I'm cute!

Ok this was from Jake's soccer game the other day. I'm cheating...I didn't take any pics today. But, I had to post this one. Isn't she cute?? Yep, that's how she gets away with everything. She flashes that stinking smile. Everything is better after that smile. Pour water all over the floor? Just give an innocent smile. Used a sharpie all over you clothes? No problem-out come the pearly whites. The "I can get away with anything" smile...Yep. It comes out often in this house. If the smile doesn't work, the whining comes...Oh, the whining. I think my ears have actually bled from it.