Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer Updates...Sorry I've been slacking!!

Here's the summer highlights from current to beginning of July (July is at the bottom)

Liv giggling @ Jake's soccer game, August 2009

Look at my boy go! He's become so much better this year! Go Blue Thunder!!

Action Jackson!

Posing with his soccer ball.

so, I'd bought some peppers one day. I cut up a bunch but left a couple in the fridge because I wanted to make stuffed peppers. Well, Liv came around the corner with red juice on her, telling me she ate the peppers. I ASSuMED that she was eating the already cut up ones in the fridge. Well, later, I went to go make my stuffed peppers and noticed that she'd bit a hole in both the peppers I was going to use! (Aug/09)

Liv, all smiles, after getting her cast off! 8-22-09

Liv getting her cast off. She was so good that the 2nd nurse that was in the room ended up leaving because she wasn't needed. They said they needed to video her to show everyone how you're supposed to act while getting a cast off.

Liv and Jake in the waiting room of the ortho's office, waiting for her cast to come off.

Me and Liv in the new house 8-6-09

Me and Jakey-Isn't he handsome?? 08-09

Olivia, asleep, in Great Grandma's blanket. If you look closely, her non-casted hand is all in the blanket. I just thought it was a cute picture. 8-09

Jake was cold one morning...Quite the get up, huh??? 8-09

This summer we went to Idaho. I got to meet up with a long lost friend Jimmy and his wonderful wife and kids Leanne, Andy, and Nate. We ended up going to the Boise Zoo. It was so hot, but the kids all got along great (so did Leanne and I - WOO HOO!) We had a really fun time!

Liv broke her arm-She decided it would be a good idea to take her step stool from underneath her bed, put it ON her bed, step on it, then fell off. I ended up taking her to the ER. After they swore it most likely was an elbow out of place, and manipulated the hell out of her arm, they finally decided to X-ray it (after I insisted we do it before we left) and low and behold, it was fractured above her elbow. So, she spent 6 weeks telling anyone that would listen, "I put my step stool on my bed, and fell off" If I had a dime for everytime I heard it I'd be rich lol.

This is alittle out of order, but this is from the Prineville Round up Rodeo. The mounted police let Liv get up on the horse. She was in HEAVEN! She had a blast that day. 6-28-09

Liv in the crawl thru tube. I just thought it was a cute picture =) 6-09

Jake and Liv "reading" on the couch one day in June. It's just such a cute picture. Liv wants desperately to read like Jake. 7-09

Sarah, Julia, Olivia, and Jake on 7-11-09 @ Heather's house.

Liv found a permanent marker in Glenn's room @ Auntie Chrissy's house. Lovely...7-09

Happy 4th of July 2009!

On Uncle Alex and Aunt Heather's boat. We drove down to Christina and Darren's house, got in their motor home, then drove to Lake Don Pedro, where we camped with Heather, Alex, Christina, Darren, Angie and her family, etc. We had a GREAT time! Jake put on a lifevest and was a pro in the water. It was so nice to see since last year he was such a chicken!

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