Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 03,2009: Child Labor and Silly Faces....

The silliness that's become my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way! On any given day, the kids are giving priceless faces-Liv's new face is her pirate eye...I will post a funny pic at a later date. She was trying to give me pirate eye this time, but I made her giggle instead, so I could get a decent pic. This is what I got:

(the shirt is so true! =) )

So, isn't this why we have kids??? If, for nothing else, to do our dirty work! Liv decided she wanted to help me mop, so I gave her the Swifter and put her to work. I guess I should keep at it before she realizes this is no fun, right? (and before she realizes she should be asking for money to do such tasks)
And I know this project is supposed to be able all the mundane things you do, and taking a picture, but somehow taking of picture of me cleaning up frozen dog poop from the backyard didn't seem like something anyone would like to see, nor something I would like to remember this time next year LOL. Hmm, maybe I should put it on Liv's to do list since she's so eager to help... =)

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