Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's HOW HOT Outside?!!?!?!?!

Yep, you see it correctly-58 degrees in the middle of January! Now, I have to say, anyone who knows me knows I love the heat. I'd much rather be too warm than too cold. Lord, you can't shake that chill from your bones (unless you drink a 5th of whiskey, which I really am not keen on doing) HOWEVER, with all the cooties going around, this is not good! I've become such a germaphobe since Jake was so sick from January thru the end of March last year. That boy had everything from the flu, to ear infections, to the barfs. You name it, we probably had it in our house. So, this heatwave does nothing but send shudders down my back *sigh* Oh well...I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts. Give me two weeks and I'll be complaining about the cold! :p


Robyn said...

Do you want to trade?? It was -29 degrees this morning when I put the boys on the bus. It's supposed to be even colder on Thursday. I'm soooo done with this Minnesota weather!

Brit said...

OMG Mel - you are NOT helping my situation! I'm freezing to death and I can't believe I haven't ended my life over this winter "depression". We were SUPPOSED to see 45 tomorrow, but now they've magically changed that and we have a high of 20 for tomorrow. NO MORE! I want your weather!

Misty said...

I too would not be complaining of nearly 60*- this morning our high was 3*, and were covered in blankets of snow. Lucky Girl!