Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To School, Back to the Grind

AHHHHHHHHHH did you hear the same thing I did today? Was it silence? The lack of fighting? I think we were both more than ready for Jake to go back to school. Jake was excited, too. Well, probably the first 10 minutes, then probably said "This is beat. I want to be home playing my Wii" I, on the other hand, would've enjoyed the silence much more had Liv been with the sitter like normal, but she needed a day off because her son went back to school today as well. Don't blame her one bit! =)

Liv spent most of the day in her jammies (didn't get out of them till after nap-Shame on me!) and is attempting to become a Duplo Master (a step down from Lego master :P) She was so proud of herself and said "TA DA!!!" (you can see Jo Jo in the background, looking out the window-forever protecting =) )

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